Italian drummer from Bolzano (South-Tyrol), studied modern drumming at
DRUMMER´S FOCUS (Munich/Germany) with Marc Turiaux, intensive lessons with Walter Calloni (Milano) and summer-jazz camps near Vienna (Austria) with Walter Grassmann. Private lessons with Billy Hart, Leonzio Cherubini, Joey Baron, Alain Rieder, Detlef Kessler, Andy Gillmann, Mario Punzi, Peter Erskine and Rick Latham. Masterclass with Gary Chaffee. Concerts and gigs with different bands (Rock, Pop, Jazz) in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Current bands and projects:

Sybille Kofler (vocals, flute, bariton saxofon)
Robert Tribus (flugelhorn, trumpet)
Hubert Weiss (guitar, loops)
Stephan Koler (drums)

Hans Tutzer (saxophon)
Christian Ebnicher (guitar)
Hans-Peter Nocker (bass)
Michele Giro (piano)
Evi Mair (vocals)
Stephan Koler  (drums)

Robert Tribus (flugelhorn, trumpet)
Hubert Weiss (guitar, loops)
Stephan Koler (drums)


SOLSTIK (2006)
Evi Mair (voc), Christian Kröss (guit), Christian Stückelschweiger (piano/keys), Salvatore Cosentino (bass), Stephan Koler (drums), additional percussion: Herwig Stieger, liner-notes by Peter Erskine! (all songs on that CD were written by Christian Kröss & Christian Stückelschweiger)

Ebnicher-Tutzer-Project / Nice to have met you (2013)
Great music written by Christian Ebnicher and Hans Tutzer! Release: 2013.
Evi Mair (vocals), Christian Ebnicher (guitar), Hans Tutzer (soprano and alto saxofones), Hanspeter Nocker (bass), Michele Giro (piano), Stephan Koler (drums), special guest and recording by Gregor Marini. CD is also available online on CD-Baby, soon also on amazon and i-tunes!

Ebnicher-Tutzer-Project / Welcome to this… (2015)
Second release with the same line-up as in 2013…all original music, again written by Christian Ebnicher, Hans Tutzer and Michele Giro! Available as hard-disc-copy and as downloads online (CD-Baby, iTunes and amazon)

Projects in South-Tyrol (I):

2006: FLAT-CAPS-choir from Bozen. We did four good concerts in South-Tyrol only with film-music.
2007: Musical with children-choir in St. Pauls Eppan, coordinated by Werner Lanthaler & Vicky Zuech.
2007: Poporatorium with Mosaik-choir/Meran conducted by Hans Erb
2008:“Yvonne, the princess of Burgund“. A production by Freilichtspiele Lana.
2009: Concert with children-choir St. Pauls, singing musicals and swing-tunes.
2010: Concert 100 years MGV & Jazz-Trio: Gernot Hofer, Norbert Gianmoena & me
2010: Concert „Singflut“ & Jazz-Trio (Michele Giro, Ewald Kontschieder & me)
2010: Musical „Tschelatti“ written by Werner &∓ Kurt Lanthaler.
2011: Musical „Tschelatti“ by Werner & Kurt Lanthaler.
2011: Concert-Tour with Mixmelodium-choir / Musical best of (cond. Sandra Auer)
2011: Concerts with AYANGENA-choir / conducted by Jan Stanek
2012: Concert-Tour with Mixmelodium, Harmonisch-Komisch / „Back to the 1970s“
2015: Musical „Der kleine Tag“ in St. Pauls-Eppan. Coordination: Werner Lanthaler & Vicky Zuech.
2016: Jazz-mass „To Hope“ by Dave Brubeck -w/Hans Tutzer, Silvio Gabardi, Arnold Mitterer, Domchor Bozen/Leonhard-Lechner Kantorei Bozen, conducted by Tobias Chizzali
2017: Musical „Felicitas Kunterbunt“-St. Pauls-Eppan w/Werner Lanthaler & Vicky Zuech
2017: Im Zeichen des Tau / Singspiel by Richard Sigmund
2018: Lange Nacht der Kirchen – Jazz Quartet (Tutzer/Höhn/Nocker/Koler) & Kirchenchor Lana (Leitung: Ingrid Rieder-Ebnicher)
2019: Musical „Das Teufelchen“ – St. Pauls-Eppan w/Werner Lanthaler & Vicky Zuech#

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